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At Merieme's Imports we are committed to carry only the finest line of products that is rated as one of the finest couscoussier sets in the world.

Hand Hammered Solid Copper Couscous Pots

Solid copper construction, hand made and hammered Interior (and underside of lid) are heavily lined by hand with tin Holes in the top (steamer) unit are 3/16" diameter.  Solid brass handles with copper rivets


Available in 5 sizes:

11 quart copper couscoussier

17-1/2" high to top of lid, 11-1/2" top diameter,
5-1/4" deep steamer top, 11" deep bottom pot,
10-3/4" belly, 7" base


9 quart copper couscoussier

13-1/4" high to top of lid, 9-3/4" top diameter,
4-1/4" deep steamer top, 9-1/4" deep bottom pot,
9-1/4" belly, 5-3/4" base


4 quart copper couscoussier

10-1/2" high to top of lid, 8-1/4" top diameter,4" deep steamer top,7-1/4" deep bottom pot,8" belly,5-1/2" base


2 quart copper couscoussier

8-3/4" high to top of lid,6-1/2" top diameter,3-1/2" deep steamer pot,5-3/4" deep bottom pot,6-3/4" belly,4" base


1 quart copper couscoussier

7-1/4" high to top of lid,5" top diameter,2-1/4" deep steamer top, base



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